Does this sound familiar?

How do you set it up? How does it work?

Where does this bit go and what does that mean?

Why will it not do what I want?

Where’s that hammer?

Have you taken it to a local shop then got it home and it’s still not working properly. Either unplug it all again and carry it back to the shop, or call us.

We Come To You!

Dazzle Computers started life in 1999 as a part time venture. Due to increasing demand we became a full time business in 2004.

We are Microsoft Trained and Certified so expertly equipped to resolve your computer problems

Our reputation is built on recommendations from our many satisfied customers, both Business and Residential.

From a growing business to one person just surfing the net we can help

We do not charge a call out fee
If we can’t fix it there is no charge